Frequently Asked Hair Extension Questions

Here you find some answers to the questions we are asked most often. If your question is not answered here please get in touch!

Is my hair suitable for hair extensions?

For most people the answer is ‘Yes’ even for those with fine or sparse hair. The only way to be certain, however, is to book a consultation and get the advice of a trained hair extension technician.

What sort of aftercare is involved?

To keep your hair extensions and the fitting in good condition and to last as long as possible you will need to use some specialist products and follow certain rules. This is covered in your consultation when you will be given a comprehensive guide to aftercare including pre-treatment advice to help your hair extensions stay in well. Not having this advice or not following this advice is the main reason people have bad experiences with their hair extension fittings.

I am getting married. Should I have extensions for my big day?

Extensions can completely transform your look so book a consultation a few weeks before the big day. There are several options to choose from, some temporary for the wedding and honeymoon, some for wedding day only and some to last you through the first year of marriage. Together we can decide on the best for you.

Can I treat my extensions like my own hair?

You must follow the aftercare instructions which will require a few small changes in your usual hair care routine but hair extensions can be curled, straightened and styled just like your own hair.

Is my hair too short?

We can fit to hair as short as 2 inches as long as there is 3 inches or more at the top of the head to cover the top row of bonds. However, every case will need a professional decision by a trained hair extension fitter and you can book a free consultation for this purpose. Many clients have been delighted to have hair extensions as a solution to growing out that short or asymmetric cut that looked so good at the time.