Our Fitting Methods

We offer an extensive range of fitting methods to suit any hair type, occasion and budget. Contact us to book your free consultation and find out which hair extension fitting method will suit you.

Fusion or Pre Bond Hair Extensions

For those who need a glue fitting we can fit specially pre-bonded extensions for speed or use the fusion method where hair is taken off the weft and hand bonded with melted glue directly to your hair. Fusion offers a great deal of versatility and is ideal where an unusual or difficult colour match is needed. Glue fittings may be the best choice for those with very fine hair to decrease the chance of visibility.

Micro-Ring Hair Extensions

As the choice of celebrities the micro ring fitting is safe, comfortable and the most economical way of keeping your hair extension fitting looking good for longer. Now there is no need to remove the extensions every 3 months when they have grown down. Instead they are simply moved back up to the scalp, giving you a new fitting again for the cost of a maintenance appointment. No glue, no heat and no chemical removal.

Nano Rings Hair Extensions

There’s nothing else on the planet like nano rings for invisibility. The ring is so tiny it only just fits on the tip of a ball point pen! Wearers say they will never have any other fitting once they’ve tried this one. This is a two year fitting and so works out cheaper in the long run than some of our other fitting methods.

Microweft Hair Extensions

This super economical fitting uses the same high quality hair as our individual methods  but the speed of fitting keeps the cost down. Strips of hair like those used with clip ins are attached using kind-to-your-hair micro rings.