Fusion Hair Extensions

Fusion hair extension fitting is the original hair extension fitting technique. 

Fusion hair extension fitting is where the hair is not pre-bonded in any way but is taken from a weft or a bundle of loose hair and is applied by hand to the head. This was initially the only method of fitting individual hair extensions. It is a highly skilled method and many hair extension fitters are not trained in this method. As a full hair extension fitting it is rarely used these days as more modern methods usually prove to be more suitable but for very fine hair it can still be the method of choice.

fitting-methods-round How is fusion fitted?

Hair is cut from the weft then glue is added from a glue pot or glue gun. The hair extension is then bonded directly to the client’s hair by rolling the glued tip into a cylinder shape. Although not used by us for full hair extension fittings very often it is used many times in addition to other methods to overcome challenges that require the supreme versatility of fusion.

How long will it last?

A fusion hair extension fitting will only last 3 – 4 months no matter what the quality of hair used. Once the bonds have grown down they have to be removed using a de-bonder and although the hair can be re-used it is an expensive option to pay for removal and re-fitting 3 – 4 times a year. For this reason is it reserved for cases where other fitting methods are not suitable.

Top tip:

As an additional tool for crafting the perfect hair extension fitting fusion is invaluable. For quite fine hair we can still use micro rings for most of the hair extension fitting whilst using tiny, hand-crafted to suit, fusion bonds along the top row or front edge.

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