Microweft Hair Extensions

The micro-weft hair extension fitting gives a perfect look with a very natural and even spread of hair.

The way it is fitted makes it lay more like your natural hair than the individual bonds. This is a fantastic, quick way of gaining extra length and volume. It is very popular for short term use such as wedding and honeymoon, proms, Christmas, birthdays and other special occasions. With regular maintenance, however, it can be kept in for as long as the hair quality lasts.

mircoweft-temporary How is the Micro-weft fitted?

Strips of hair like those used in clip ins are semi-permanently attached to your hair with kind-to-your-hair micro-rings. The micro-rings are fitted every inch or so along the strip so this is a quicker way to fit hair extensions.

How long will the Micro-weft last?

Monthly maintenance appointments are inexpensive and can be repeated month after month until the hair quality reduces and needs replacement. You decide how long it will last by your choice of hair type. Even though it is an inexpensive fitting method you can still use top quality hair such as Virgin Russian and get a 2 year fitting. It is also very easy and inexpensive to replace strips of hair throughout the fitting thus extending the period even further.

Top tip: This fitting can be used as a safe choice for those with damaged and frail hair since it uses only half the normal fixing points of an individual bond fitting. This means any stress to the hair is reduced by half. Also during maintenance the points where the micro-rings are placed can be moved regularly so no hair section is affected long term.

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