Micro-Ring Hair Extensions

Micro-ring hair extensions are our most popular method of fitting hair extensions

It is the hair extension choice of the celebrities and by far the kindest to your hair. With micro ring extensions there is no heat, no glue on your hair and.. best of all… no chemical removal. What many people do not know is that much of the damage that can be caused by hair extensions happens at the time of removal. This is a skilled task and needs to be undertaken with great care. A micro ring fitting avoids this risk.

How are micro rings fitted?

micro-ring-hair-extensions Small copper rings, coated to colour match your hair and lined with a soft silicone cushion, are threaded onto a small section of your hair. The hair extension bond is already prepared with a stick tip made of keratin glue that looks like the tip of a shoe lace. This is slotted into the micro ring and then the micro ring is clamped flat to hold the hair extension in place.

We specialise in using the smallest micro rings possible to avoid visibility of the hair extension fitting. Our stick tips are made to be slender and unobtrusive. Some stick tip hair has thick tips that will only fit in a larger micro ring and so makes the whole fitting more obvious. If you are worried that micro rings might show in your hair due to extreme fineness we can arrange for even smaller micro rings and specially tailored tips. And for even more reassurance see our Top Tip below.

How long will it last?

This is one of the amazing things about micro ring bonds. Your micro ring hair extension fitting will last as long as your hair quality continues. If you choose a long-lasting hair then it can be up to 2 years or even longer.

long-blonde-hair-extensions During your fitting the bond will move down your hair and by 3 – 4 months this can be as much as 2 inches of growth. With pre-bond or fusion hair extensions we have no alternative but to remove them and refit. This is expensive in both time and money. With micro rings we can simply open the ring and move it back up the hair. If the fitting is expected to last over 9 months then during some of the maintenance visits your hair extension bonds will be moved to a different hair section so that the same hair is not bearing the extension long term. This rotational maintenance is not practised by most hair extension fitters and is an important benefit of using our specialist hair extension centre.

With your individually tailored hair extension maintenance schedule you only pay for an inexpensive maintenance appointment every 2 months for the duration of your hair extension fitting. This can save you hundreds of pounds!

Top Tip: If your hair is very fine and you are concerned that these fittings will show we can include some fine, barely visible, fusion glue bonds on the top row and front edges to prevent micro-rings peeping through in those areas.

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