Nano Ring Hair Extensions

All the way from Australia this unique method of fitting hair extensions gives an almost invisible bond.

The tiny, tiny nano rings – just a fraction bigger than the tip of a ball point pen – make fitting extensions to fine hair so much more successful.

How is the nano ring fitted

The hair extension looks like a stick tip but at the tip is a tiny n shaped piece of extremely thin wire. It is this that fits into the miniscule nano ring. As it is so small it can be fitted underneath the client’s hair so all you can see when the ring is clamped is something looking like a third of a staple.

How long will it last

The hair and the nano tip are expected to last up to 2 years so even though the cost of the this innovative and precision made fitting is higher initially it actually gives a more economical fitting over time than even the cheapest options.

Top Tip:

This method of fixing can be used with your own choice of hair. Hair can be sent off for the nano tip to be added making it a very versatile choice.

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