Pre Bond

Pre Bonded hair extensions are a faster alternative to the original fusion bond hair extensions

fusion-pre-bond-hair-extensions These are hair extensions which are pre-bonded with keratin glue enabling speedier hair extension application than a fusion fitting. A glue hair extension method normally only be chosen if there are reasons not to use micro rings. Some clients may have very fine hair that would leave micro rings visible although we can often get over this problem by using even smaller micro rings with specially tipped hair and fitting tiny glue bonds in areas that would show the most. Check out the micro ring page to learn more.

How are pre bonds fitted?

The pre bonds are already tipped with keratin glue shaped like a false nail. They are applied to the hair using a heating tool that melts the glue so it can be rolled into a neat bond. The glue temperature where it touches the hair is cooler than fusion bonded. It provides a quicker fitting where glue is preferred to the micro-ring method.

How long will it last?

Pre bond hair extensions need to be removed after 3 – 4 months when the hair extension bond has grown down and may be starting to be visible in places. During this period you will need a maintenance appointment to replace any bonds that have come out and check up on anything that needs adjusting or tidying up. If there is time you can have the bonds near your face removed and replaced to put them back up to the scalp avoiding too much visibility.

Top Tip: Hair can be re-fitted for a second 3 month period if good aftercare is practised and the quality has continued.

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