What Hair Extensions We Offer

Our hair extension fitting methods – using glue, micro-rings and nano rings

We offer a choice of hair extension fitting methods including every variation necessary to give the best results for each client. At your consultation you will be able to discuss options and we will decide together on the most suitable for you.


Our hair types

To take into account everyone’s preferences and pricing needs we can fit a wide range of hair types including the following:

Indian Remy
Virgin Indian
Virgin Russian



Our hair extension services

We believe that hair extension wearing is not something you should do on your own! You need back up. We offer you – a full consultation, hair extension fitting including fitting your own hair if required, a comprehensive maintenance programme designed to keep your extensions looking great for longer, full salon services specialising in hair extension support including colouring, washing, styling, cutting and finishing.


Why should you choose us for your hair extensions?

Every lady who books a hair extension fitting has a dream in her head about what she wants the results to be. At Bournemouth Hair Extension Centre we are committed to giving you that dream by our excellent and consistent service.

Some things you should look for when choosing a hair extension fitter –

• Recognised and accredited qualification – all our fitters have a Habia qualification

• Experience and commitment – we have been fitting hair extensions in Bournemouth, Dorset and around the UK since 2007

• Knowledge and skills in different fitting methods – as a national training centre we have a wide and up to date knowledge of different hair extension fitting methods and how to utilise them for each individual client’s needs.

• Validated testimonials – in addition to reading our testimonials on here you can contact some of our previous clients in person and hear what they say about us.

• Guarantee – you need some accountability from your hair extension fitter so you are not abandoned with any unwanted results, a common experience for some. Our Satisfaction Guarantee reassures you that we are committed to giving you the results you want.

Get in touch today to discuss your hair extension needs and book your free consultation.